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Managing a nonprofit organization requires a multi-disciplinary expertise, ranging from purely administrative (Incorporation of the Company as a legal entity, management and maintenance of the database's own members, etc.). To those related to issues more complex such as the definition and implementation of strategic plans.

As the organization evolves and grows, the difficulty of managing and carrying out these tasks increases, either, by the increase in the volume of transactions, or by the greater complexity of the tasks to be developed (management communication with members, volunteers, stakeholders of the Company).

In bocemtium, the high qualification of our team and our experience in this sector allows us to deal with the following areas and issues:

> legal creation of the nonprofit organization (bylaws, board, etc..)
> coordination and monitoring of legal issues related to the Company (law 50/2002)
> drafting of meeting minutes,
> development, coordination and implementation of statutory reforms,
> development, implementation and management of democratic processes of elections office.

Administrative - economic
> creating, managing and maintaining the membership database,
> financial management - accounting,
> management business taxes and duties (taxes, officinal books, accounts, etc).

Marketing internal / external
> development of the policy of communication with partners and various stakeholders of the entity
> development and management of publications (magazines, e-letters, banners, etc.)
> creation, management and maintenance of web pages and e-mail databases(Society, board members, general assembly members, etc.).

> development of strategic plans,
> studies social and economic improvement projects
> project management,
> fundraising: private fundraising.

> management and coordination meetings (board, council, general assembly, committees, etc..), development of agendas, etc.
> supervision and coordination of events of the entity
> defining the framework for collaboration with other stakeholders of the entity
> advice for improving the organization and management of events and activities
> handling of public assistance or subsidies.

IT & Technology
> creation and management of corporate websites,
> creating and managing e-health systems,
> create and manage databases of members, partners, customers and suppliers
> virtual switchboards
> management and access control (by barcode, RFID chip)
> study and development of customized projects.

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